(NAPSI) - There are two kinds of travelers: over-packers and  under-packers.

For whichever you are, travel enthusiast, style expert and QVC program host Lisa  Robertson—who mastered the art of how to pack after years of  balancing her love of fashion with the struggles of packing it all-shares her  most valuable tips for successful trips.

• Pack for activities you know you’ll be doing. You can add  later as space allows.

• To pack smaller, you’ll need to rewear things, so pick what  you love. Your taste and comfort zones don’t change with location.

• Shoes take up more room than anything else in your suitcase, so  take one comfortable pair for sightseeing all day, one pair of heels, and a  pair of sneakers if you’ll be working out.

• A good rule for handbags is one to carry and one that packs flat  in the luggage...no more.

• A packed suitcase is like a map: Once you unfold it, it never  really goes back the same way. If you start out with a suitcase you can  barely close, you’ll return with an additional bag. Either plan for  that or leave room.

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